Monday, September 29, 2014

~ Vintage prints.... things from the guest room....

More from the box of ephemera. This time it is two small prints that were in frames from my great grandmothers home. 

This beautiful girl is just lovely. There is some damage from where the paper had stuck to the glass. But like so many old vintage prints. There is fading from the years it spent hanging on the wall in the guest bedroom.

Of course she has a mate. 

You can't have a pretty girl print and not have a equally pretty boy. This lovely man has minimal fading. Without any damage from the old frame and glass. 

Such a delicate little thing isn't he.... with perfectly groomed eyebrows.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

~ Vintage Currier & Ives - American Field Sports...

Currier & Ives
American Field Sports

I have mention that I have a box filled with miscellaneous paper things. Odd and ends one will pick up at a random sale. Pretty paper things. Really it is ephemera for the most part. Just random paper. That someone else could not bring them self to throw it out. Has officially came home with you. Because it was too pretty to leave behind. We are all turning into hoarders!  : )

And I have a box packed with odd ephemera that I can not bring myself to toss out. So today I am sharing a couple vintage Currier and Ives cards I have from the "American Field Sports" set of prints. Look at those pretty puppies! 

Currier & Ives
American Field Sports
"A chance for both barrels" 

I have a soft spot for hunting dogs. Though these are awfully pretty puppies in these prints. 

Most of the hunting dogs I see around my home are old coon dogs. Who do a lot of yelping. But do have incredible kind hearts. And like nothing more than to sleep the day off on the living room rug. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

~ Vintage Goodness... when Lilac kitchens were an option...

St. Charles Cabinets - 1959

I have used this image before. I love these lilac steel cabinets. I love that at one time that kitchens were meant to look like a kitchen! Not some weirdo living room thing they have turned into lately. Where as the vintage kitchens would have lots of color packed into them. I would be thrilled to walk into a vintage home with a their lilac kitchen fully intact. 

Image my glee when I saw this vintage advertisement for Frigidaire. 

 Frigidaire Washer and Dryers - 1958

Of course there were matching laundry rooms for those lilac packed kitchens! How could you possibly be expect to have clashing colors in your kitchen! Since we all know, that those mid centuries homes, had that washer and dryer sitting out in the middle of everything. 

In the small print. "Sheer Look Design! Choice of five lovely colors - sold by Frigidaire at the price of white!" Oh, holy cow. There were 5 other colors, that were not white?!? Now I want to see the original color line up for these beauties! 

Well those are kinda of pricey at 229.95 for a washer in 1958. But I be danged... if I had all those lilac St. Charles steel cabinets... and not have the matching laundry set!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

~ Agee - Pyrex... more fun from Australia!

Make a Meal a Festive Occasion...

I am loving these vintage Agee - Pyrex advertisement from Australia. I am realizing that I am in love with those square ramekins. My kitchen cabinet would really like to have 6 of those sassy bowls. 

There is more of the "Flannel Flower" pattern with this advertisement too. I spied the mixing bowl set in the very bottom corner of the page. In pink! 

And it is a 3 bowl set. I love the shape of the handles on these pink floral bowls. 

Of course it would not be the perfect piece of history.... without a turquoise casserole dish with its lid!

Speaking of Pyrex casserole dishes.... in turquoise.... I saw this one the other day. It is magnificent! And I have never seen one of these in person. Just image how heavy it would be with something cooking in it! 

Ohhh, I came across another jumbo turquoise roasting pan from Pyrex! That thing is huge! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

~ Betty Crocker & Softasilk Cake Flour... Chocolate Chiffon cake...

I am thinking this must have been a really popular cake for Betty Crocker. And her partner SoftaSilk flour. 

It is a 2 egg, Chocolate Chiffon cake. And to be honest... this is a good looking cake. It reminds me of the Hostess Snowball cupcakes. Coconut icing over a chocolate cake. Yum! 

Then I stumble across the same recipe again, this time for Wesson Oil. This 2 egg cake had to have been a great recipe for them. 

Finally here is the Lovelight Chocolate 2 egg, Chiffon Cake. In the clearest copy, I could locate for it.

Monday, September 22, 2014

~ Vintage goodness... Borden's Milk....

What a really cute advertisement for Borden's milk. Too bad I am not a fan of drinking Buttermilk. Yet, I do love to use it for baking. 

I suspect this would be just as good using 2% milk....

Sunday, September 21, 2014

~ Nestle Chocolate Chips... Quick Icing...

Nestle's semi sweet chocolate chips... Quick as a Wink, chocolate icing. Whipped up in a glorious green Pyrex mixing bowl! 

This is a simple recipe with only 3 ingredients. Chips, powder sugar and Pet's Milk. This would have to be a really rich and creamy icing. The only draw back for me is that evil double boiler. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

~ Vintage goodness - Snowdrift Brownies....

Things I am thankful for.... not having to use a double boiler in order to melt chocolate. But then again, I prefer to use cocoa and oil instead of the hard squares of baking chocolate. 

This is a nice collection of 5 vintage brownie recipes from Snowdrift. All of them easy enough to prepare. Except for that double boiler part.  : )