Saturday, August 01, 2015

~ Things in the mail... Melmac mixing bowls...

Now I have spoken before about my love, for those vintage Melmac confetti mixing bowls. Currently ZAKS is making this amazing set of bowls in these wonderful fun colors. I am still in love with that orange bowl.  

currently for sale... you can buy them here... 

But what I really wanted, was a set of vintage confetti bowls.  So for months... I have been stalking and bidding on different sets. Watching them sell... for lets be real... scary money.  

I wanted a really great set of Melmac mixing bowls, in a great color pattern.  Like these confetti bowls, that I stalked around after in eBay back in 2013.  And the goal was to obtain a three bowl set. 

Oh my... what is in that wad of paper??? 

After months of bidding... and losing... I finally won a three bowl set! My very own confetti bowls. And to my own amazement.... they were not pink!  Now lets get a tiny look at what is in that wad of paper... 

They are turquoise! A gorgeous blend of turquoise, pink and yellow speckles. I could not be any more pleased!

Let me show you the original listing pictures... which were lovely. 

I really thought they were a nice soft turquoise color... on this set of bowls. And would look really cute mixed in with all the pink kitchen wares I own. 

But when I got them unloaded from the box... I realize they were actually a lot bolder in color, in person. Woo hoo!

These are just so dang pretty. So I pulled down my vintage Mason jar and my favorite turquoise utensils for a quick picture. 

I still have too much flash on these images... but look how pretty they are! 

This is the one picture that the pink shows up better. Now these gorgeous bowls... are about to get the official scrub down in the sink. With warm water and bleach... with a little rubbing with a Mr. Clean sponge.  :)

Thursday, July 09, 2015

~ Vintage steel and enamel wares... in pink!

Now I have seen oodles of these pretty Ames Maid step stools - chairs for years. These were built to last. I have not seen a lot of them in pink though. But in red or black. Oodles of them. And for the most part they can be located with a minimal amount of rust on the lower legs. 

These stunning pink enamel pans have been pretty hardy too. They came in all kinds of color combinations. Including turquoise and yellow with the black trim. I have shown off my pink enamel roasting pan before... there was really a large line of items that were made. So starting a collection of them is not hard to begin. 

Saturday, July 04, 2015

~ Vintage Stanley Hostess - Stan Home Products...

Let's talk about Stanley Home Products. The height of women selling from their homes, really seem to start in the 1950's.  There were many options of style of products to sell... and not just Tupperware!  

This is about the Stanley Home Product line... that was based in cleaning products for the OCD housewife. From liquid cleaners to all kinds of brushes. Brushes for all occasions. And if you are active estate sales/flea market shopper. You will stumble across those vintage brushes without trying. Especially those old shoe shine brushes. 

image from here... and currently for sale... 

As with all these at home sales, there were Hostess Gifts. It is the Hostess Gifts that always become the ones you want to find. 

Stanley Home Products had all kinds of things for the hostess to collect. They had a nice line of kitchen ware items. That I can not find a catalog to show what the line had to offer. Believe me... I have been stalking eBay for months looking for this stuff.

There was a lot for a lady to buy for her home. But first she has to hustle and sell some product! Get that cash flow going.

Now there was more to the Stanley Home Product line... than the home cleaners and brushes. 

item from here... and currently for sale...

They also had the Lady Catherine Line. Items for your bath... makeup for your face... and body brushes. 

item from here... and currently for sale... 

I actually recall my Granny having this exact brush in her bathroom. Matter of fact, I am thinking she had a couple of them still in the boxes, thirty years after she purchased them. They really did not wear out. 

item from here... and currently for sale... 

Or how about a Lady Catherine powder mitt? How fancy! 

image from here... and currently for sale.... 

Of course there were the small gifts, for attending a party. Such as these sweet needle packets. 

I went looking through my kitchen to see what Stanley Hostess items/kitchen wares I had in the drawers. 

Farm Girl Pink Kitchen items... 

The pink cookie cutters are from Stanley... and the pink cake knife with the slots. (Ignore the other stuff... I had this picture handy.) They both came in numerous colors. I am just the weirdo who collects the vintage pink ones.

Now for me the ultimate thing that was ever offer from Stanley... is the canister sets. They came in many colors too! White, yellow, pink.... and turquoise! 

Yep. Those are from Stanley Home Products. And they must have sold a million of them in about 6-7 different colors. I go through phases when I see them every where. (I pinned this picture from an eBay sale, from at least two years ago)

The best thing about these canisters, they were made out of a plastic that had a little give to it. It was not some cheap hard plastic, that would shatter when dropped. These have a little softness to the plastic. So they held up beautifully over the decades.

Recently, I saw that this collector @ They call this America...  had herself a great collection of the canisters in her kitchen! 

image from here... and currently for sale... 

Stanley would often do a cross promotion, with other name brand product lines. Such as Libbey Glassware. The above is their Pink Duchess juice set. It was offer exclusively through Stan Home Products.

Yet,  I suspect it is that Pyrex Casserole... Pink Duchess... that would be the most sought after piece of kitchen ware that they promoted. 

I had pinned this image back in 2013 from eBay. And it sold for 189.00 and I bet it went to a lovely home too!

~ Independence Day... Be safe out there!

~ Have a great weekend ~

Friday, July 03, 2015

~ Fun choice's for decorating that vintage kitchen.... Morgan Jones Linen's

I am a huge fan of cotton linens for the kitchen. Good traditional cotton. Not some odd ball cotton-poly-plastic blend. That does nothing but repeals water. I want real cotton!

I have shown off the bed linens advertisement for Morgan Jones before... with their wonderful hob nob and chenille bedspreads. Which were just top notch quality. So many of those bedspreads are still very actively found for sale, on eBay. And practically any antique mall. 

Sadly, most of the kitchen cotton items... never made it that far. They can only take so many trips through the washer. Yet, I do see odd things, like wall hangings every so often still in decent shape.  Or those old linen wall calendars.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

~ Picking Mid Century paint colors... for the Kitchen!

Image from here... and many more to see there!!!

Pinterest is really the devil. It really is. Once you get to clicking around... so many wonderful pretty images keep popping up. When I see something amazing... I always click through to the website, were the image was pulled from. Just to see if I am missing something good. 

There is stunning collection of vintage paint sample booklets to drool over, right here. So be sure to go look at all of them! 

I am  using one page from the Dean and Barry Booklet. But there are wonderful paint choices from Benjamin Moore, Sears Harmony House, Sherwin Williams, Dupont... all of them are just a wonderful reminder that once upon a time... ladies used to have so many bold pretty paint choices, for their homes. 

That had nothing to do with the color brown.  :)

~ Looking for more Turquoise.... and Chickens!

There is so much to love about this kitchen. During those mid-century years, there was some really great use of color. Like turquoise. My goodness, those are some exquisite turquoise painted cabinets. Accessorized with those amazing wooden chicken canister sets. 

 Currently for sale... and looking for a new home!!!

I love those wooden sets of chicken goodness. I have collected some of the wooden chicken kitchen items... that were not canisters. Spice and general use, shakers mostly. 

Somewhere, I even have a set of wooden hamburger patty presses, with the painted chicken design on them too.  I had no idea what they were originally. But they were cute! And they matched a couple of my shakers. So they came home with me. And my Mother told me what they were. 

I will say, that these wooden chicken kitchenware's are actually plentiful, locally. These must have had a good 20 year run, before they died off.  The one thing I have looked for and not found locally... is the long handle shakers. The ones that would have been part of a BBQ set. I suspect they just did not make it past a decent Summer of use here. The heat and humidity are awful and just warps all kinds of good things.

Friday, June 26, 2015

~ Looking for Turquoise kitchen wares....

How I wish it was easy to find turquoise kitchen wares.  I am so tired of the drab colors that seem to be plentiful. Every so often I will see some neat stuff, that only shows up for the Summer months. And normally it is for outside use. Outside cooking things. Not hardy made stuff for the daily use, for the family kitchen. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

~ Kitchen remodel from 1948... with Ashphalt tile....

Building Products Limited - Asphalt Tile - 1948

Oh, my goodness. I am on turquoise over load. Look at those dazzling checker floors. With the white steel cabinets. Black Formica counter tops. What I really love are those turquoise tile floors. 

Then as I look around, to see what kind of decorating choice that were made... I see that wonderful eat in area... in yellow and green plaid! 

I have never lost any of my love for the vintage yellow and green kitchens. What is more amazing, is how decorators were not afraid... of using multiple bold colors in a small kitchen. Which can not be said for today's decorators. Whom are determine to use fifty shades of brown, in every room in the house.

image from here... via pinterest...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

~ Vintage Jadeite Shaker set... Taste Rite Spices...

Currently for sale.... looking for a home... 

Once again, something odd and unique shows up on eBay. This is a great Jadeite shaker set of 9 jars. This set has black tin shaker lids. Some of these older style shakers also came with those black bakelite style lids too. Either way, this is not a common set of Jadeite shakers. 

This Jadeite set was sold with your spice of choice included.  An item that would have been stocked in your local grocery store. And the original silver labels are included, to make these so appealing to me. 

 Currently for sale... looking for a new home...

When I saw them originally listed at 19.99 opening price ... I knew things would be get interesting with the auction. They are already at 110.00 with three days to go!