Thursday, August 21, 2014

~ Vintage Magazine... McCall's Needlework and Crafts - 1963

It is one of the wonderful things that happen in the Mid Century years, were the crafts. So many fun colorful projects to design. And McCall's Magazine had a dedicated issue for these crafty projects. 

This is a page out of the Spring/Summer 1963 magazine. I came across the image in Pinterest and followed it back to the original blog post

There is so many neat things to read about and see at the "Cathy of California" blog... be sure to click around and take in all the craftiness! This was posted back in 2007.

I recall from my 7th grade Home Ec. class, that we were require to do a needlework project. These were basically a stuff animal pillow that had a lot of felt cuts out... that were hand sewn onto their bodies. A lot like the pig and dog here. 

I did a yellow rabbit. That had white ears. I recall that there was a goofy pillow in the shape of a blue tennis shoe roller skate! Ugh. Does anyone else recall those when they came out in the late 70's? There was a magazine that we were allowed to pick out our project and they came in a great plastic handle bag with all the materials inside. So as you worked on it. You had a nice handle bag to place it all back in, to keep it all together.

Anywho... this page from McCall's reminded me of that middle school project.

How cute are those clothes hangers with the animal heads?!?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

~ Vintage Goodness... Beauty Queen Sink and cabinets...

I have lots of love for these vintage enamel sinks. They remind me of my great grandmothers house. And now these wonderful sinks have a growing fan base of collector's. Who are renovating their kitchens back to the original time period... and want that drain board sink. 

But not only is the sink listed here in Craiglist... but so is the original cabinet! 

Along with its matching upper cabinets! 

Thankfully this lovely set did not end up in a land fill. But just may find a new home in a current kitchen renovation! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

~ Fire King Swedish Modern bowls... in Jadeite Green!

I have written about my love for these Swedish Modern mixing bowls, by Fire King. These have always been a pricey set of blue bowls. Around 350.00 for a mint set. 

So image how pricey these get when a set of them show up in Jadeite green. The green Swedish bowl set have always been a challenge to find. Much less a minty set of them. 

As I was randomly looking around eBay today... I saw these green beauties. Who need a new home. 

The best part is the price is still low, for what I have seen them sell for in the past. 

 And they still have their Fire King Swedish Modern label! Be sure to check out the auction!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

~ House and Gardens - 1953....

image from here... 

This is a nice change of pace. A lovely mid century living room done in soft greens and coral.  I had been looking for a companion photo for a marvelous green and coral kitchen picture I had saved. 

I love seeing kitchens that are packed full of color. And the Harlequin designed wallpaper is a nice way to put a little sass in your design.  Then the green diamonds to the doors, is nice bold addition.

Friday, August 15, 2014

~ Vintage Goodness... Johnson & Johnson...

What a great vintage advertisement for Johnson & Johnson baby powder... and oil. 
And to this day, I keep a both products in my bathroom for daily use...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

~ Mid Century Living rooms.... with the polar bear...

image from here....

Holy cow... there is so much going on with this living room. Those floral panels behind the drapes are bold as all get out! But they can't hold a candle to that polar bear rug. 

Seriously? A polar bear rug? In what other wise is a stunning Mid Century example... of a turquoise living room. Was this a thing and I missed it?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

~ Vintage Valentine's.... 1935

I really do enjoy these older children Valentines. The one above is the type that was folded to make a little 3D action. If you look close at the leg of the girl... you will see that it has a cut out line. And once folded on the lines... it gives the illusion of her being bucked off her pony. 

This sweet card with the Boston Terrier is also one that was meant to be set up. The cut out line is around the dogs ears and head area. This one you can see where the card folded to get the dog to sit. 

These cards had been given to my great uncle in 1935 at school. The one from his teacher was dated. And since his Mother never threw out anything... these survive.

I have a couple of odd paper things that were mixed in with these Valentine's. I am puzzled by why small children sent them to one another. I will put them in their own post later on....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

~ General Electric - Pink Perfection...

Without a doubt... this has to be my favorite kitchen appliance that General Electric has ever issued. Their glorious pink stove.  And if they still produced a beautiful color line of appliances... I would have a kitchen filled with them. Instead I am left with my plain white ones. 

So image my delight... when I saw this lovely pink girl. 

There is always good things to find listed in Craigslist. Normally they are gone within a day.

There are many more pictures of this stunning GE pink stove to see at the listing... too bad it doesn't come with its matching refrigerator!

Monday, August 11, 2014

~ Vintage patterns by Simplicity .....

I have this box filled with misc paper items that I have collected. Things that caught my eye. Nothing earth shattering unique. But pretty things I liked the looks of that made its way home with me. 

Like these vintage sewing patterns by Simplicity. I looked all over the envelopes. The instructions and the actual pattern pieces. Attempting to find a date for them. There was not a year to be found on any of them. I am thinking the 1940's. It is that big flouncy bow on the shirts, that make me think of the 40's. 

This is pattern 1555. For four different blouses. All based on the same basic patterns with slight changes to give four fabulous looks.

As I was looking at the back of the envelope I took at peek at the measurements that a size 16 would have been. 

By this pattern... a size 16... had a 28 inch waist.

And that size 12... was a 25 inch waist. Interesting.  Very interesting. 

With pattern 1541 there are two versions of this one piece dress to be made. Cap sleeves or a little short sleeve. No zippers needed. But that little cap sleeve probably would test your patience getting it to lay correct.

Ultimately both these Simplicity patterns made it home with me, because I loved the art work on the envelopes.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

~ Vintage postcards... circa 1909 - 1910....

My great grandmother, was a collector of odd things. Especially items from family members. Which means she rarely threw away anything that was a personal correspondence. Now many decades later, I am in possession of a couple hundred postcards. Greeting cards... birth announcement cards.

And I love them all.  

I have been scanning them, as time allows. It will take forever to get them all done. But as a genealogist... I love looking for clues. Or finding verification of someones location mention on one of these postcards.

The postcards are from a mixture of cousins, friends, Aunts... and her future husband.

This postcard is from October 1910. It is showing off what the State Fair of Texas once looked like at the front gates. To my knowledge, none of this no longer exist. What is there now, looks entirely different. (Thank fully the older Art Deco buildings in the back of the property, have been saved!)

This was sent from her Aunt Georgia... who lived in Hillsboro. Whom I suspect, had been to the State Fair for the stock shows, with her husband.  My great grandmother lived in Oklahoma. And seemed to have written to everyone she knew. With the stack of postcards I have, everyone wrote her back with frequency. Lots of silly little chatty things, that teenagers from that time period, wrote back and forth. 

But the postcards are amazing. And now they are mine!

Next up, later in the week... with luck... I will have a few vintage children Valentine's to share. They are from 1935. And in wonderful shape.