Monday, September 22, 2014

~ Vintage goodness... Borden's Milk....

What a really cute advertisement for Borden's milk. Too bad I am not a fan of drinking Buttermilk. Yet, I do love to use it for baking. 

I suspect this would be just as good using 2% milk....

Sunday, September 21, 2014

~ Nestle Chocolate Chips... Quick Icing...

Nestle's semi sweet chocolate chips... Quick as a Wink, chocolate icing. Whipped up in a glorious green Pyrex mixing bowl! 

This is a simple recipe with only 3 ingredients. Chips, powder sugar and Pet's Milk. This would have to be a really rich and creamy icing. The only draw back for me is that evil double boiler. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

~ Vintage goodness - Snowdrift Brownies....

Things I am thankful for.... not having to use a double boiler in order to melt chocolate. But then again, I prefer to use cocoa and oil instead of the hard squares of baking chocolate. 

This is a nice collection of 5 vintage brownie recipes from Snowdrift. All of them easy enough to prepare. Except for that double boiler part.  : )

Friday, September 19, 2014

~ Pink Pyrex and Tuna Casserole...

I bet there is a couple dozen recipes for Tuna casserole, that I have came across while looking at vintage advertisements. This caught my eye because of that wonderful pink Pyrex baking pan. 

My personal favorite Tuna casserole recipe, is the one that uses a can of cream of mushroom soup as its base.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

~ Vintage goodness - Swans Flour recipe card...

~Swans Down Flour~

I can not locate a date for this vintage recipe card from Swans Down Flour. The style of design, makes me think it is from 1910ish era. But I have no proof.  It is such a lovely card and one of the earliest pieces of advertisement I have seen for the company. 

Ice Cream Cake recipe...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

~ Good Housekeeping - a fantastic decorated home in Toronto...

While roaming around in Good Housekeeping's online site, I came across this sweet house. Packed full of some incredible Mid Century decorating. I am not convinced this is a true time capsule home. Or a home that someone spent a lot of time and care to decorated to the time period. Either way... it is packed with lots of color.

How about some lilac carpet? Or a nice turquoise velvet arm chair? How amazing is this bedroom? I am so tired of seeing 50 shades of brown thrown all over the current home market. As if it is some accomplishment to match all your browns together. What happen to having a little color in a room. How could one wake up depressed in a bedroom with lilac shag carpet?!?

Of course it has used the color pink.... for the decorations in the bathroom! 

There is eleven amazing pictures of this home to look at... be sure to take a peek at that basement picture.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

~ Vintage Goodness.... Wisconsin Paste Company...

Wisconsin Paste Co. ~ Princess Wet Paste

Just how amazing it this advertisement for wallpaper paste?

What I love most about it... is the caption.... 

"Why do the Rooster make all the noise?"

No joke. The hens do all the work... yet it is the male doing all of the crowing.

Monday, September 15, 2014

~ Kalamazoo Kitchen Kabinets Catalog - 1917

Kalamazoo Kitchen Kabinets - 1917

I came across an amazing vintage catalog for free standing kitchen cabinets. This style of cabinets tend to get called "Hoosier" since it is the most popular name that stuck. But these cabinets had many manufacturers, making them for decades. 

These are amazing. The only problem I have found with them... is that I am too tall for these pretty girls. I bet the average height for a lady at this time period was 4'10-5'1. 

As I was flipping through the catalog looking at the glorious pictures... I notice this was the cabinet that came with the round ridged glass jars. 

Kalamazoo Kabinets must have sold a ton of these baker cabinets. Because I have seen oodles of these round tea and coffee jars to buy.

Luckily, this catalog came with its price guide. And the acceptable payment plans that the company offered.

The cabinets have their inventory numbers listed with them... so you can match them up to their price. 

If you desired the fully loaded cabinets with all the glass goodies... for $40.25.... that cash figure equals roughly $723.00 today. Wow.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

~ Baked Banana Pudding ~ by Jell-O....

So let me ask you... have you ever had baked banana pudding?  Most folks have had all kinds of cold banana pudding. Which lets be honest... banana pudding is a yummy treat straight out of the refrigerator. 

But the best version I have ever had.... is the one straight out of the oven.  I  recently stumble across the original recipe from Jell-O. It is their Southern Banana Pudding recipe that I use and adore. And I feel like sharing the recipe for the perfect bowl of Banana Pudding.

This is one of my standard desserts, I make to impress guest with. I have an larger older crock mixing bowl (with the lower sides) that I prepare it in. And I double the Jell-O pudding part. (I use two boxes of pudding***) This makes a big crazy size of banana pudding. But none of it is ever left over. 

This is not something I will make and travel with the bowl. That bowl is too dang heavy even hauling it around the kitchen. I would never drag it out of the house packed full of pudding.

Be sure to use fresh cooked vanilla pudding. Never substitute instant pudding for the real thing.  And I use Fruit Fresh on my banana's after I have sliced them up. I detest the sight of slippery brown banana slices. And those slices will start to discolor immediately. Even before you have the time to piece this dessert together. So I sprinkle Fruit Fresh on both sides. And they stay all pretty and firm. I tend to use 3 banana's also.

I finally learned how to whip egg whites and sugar properly for this recipe. Because the meringue being perfect is important to this dessert. Getting those peaks perky...  make this a pretty presentation.  I do remove the higher rack in the oven. I always place the crock on the lower rack, to make sure the meringue topping does not burn. Lets be honest... burnt meringue is not a good thing. Yes, I stand guard at the oven door to prevent burning.

(*** The alterations I make for this recipe is based on the bowl I am using. Be sure to eye ball the bowl you want to put it in, for the oven. To make decisions on how much pudding you are going to need...)