Friday, September 04, 2015

~ Vintage baking - Adam's Extract - German Chocolate Pound Cake

I have been looking for this recipe for over a year. 

Many years ago... while visiting the State Fair of Texas... I picked up a recipe card for a German Chocolate Pound Cake. This was back in the late 1980's. And became my go to cake to make for events. Especially if I knew it had to travel in the car with me. 

It makes an excellent dense moist cake. Adding on the traditional coconut/pecan icing,  just makes it ridiculously good. And shows off  how great this cake turns out. 

Somehow my original recipe card, was lost.  Which drove me crazy. I knew it was a cake recipe, from a well know baking product. I was constantly looking at older recipes for it. 

It turns out... it was from Adam's Extract! 

I knew it had real buttermilk... and butter extract in the recipe. I rarely used butter extract. And had it for this cake recipe. Anywho.. those were the key ingredients, I was looking for as I hunted for the one I had used for years.  I am so thrilled that all those hours roaming on Pinterest... were not wasted!  :)

Monday, August 31, 2015

~ Have you seen them too? Did you buy them? Purple Mason Jars..

Once again I am buying these gorgeous colored Ball Mason Jars. I had saw these a couple months ago. And talked myself out of buying them. I already had a few boxes of the turquoise jars from 2013. Some that I released into my kitchen cabinets, for daily use. A couple cases I saved. 

These were both part of the limited edition Heritage collection series, from Ball.  They did release a odd color green last year. I was not crazy about the shade of green used on them. So I did not buy any of green Ball jars.  

But I really like these purple jars. They did look a little dark. But really they are a nice see-throughly color. 

I placed a white cloth in one to show that. They are a nice color and you can see through the glass. 

I am sad that this is the last of the color series, for Ball canning jars. I was hoping that Jarden Home Brands/Ball Jar manufacturer... was going to issue a pink Mason jar! 

It is looking like I am going to end up buying at least one case of the wide mouth quart jars, in purple. I keep going back and looking at them. Thinking of ways I could use them. They really are a great size jar. And I love the one vintage Ball jar, that I use to hold utensils in on the kitchen cabinet.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

~ The one thing I truly want... and can't get to! Pink Formica!

image is from here... and currently for sale!

Again, the one thing I want more than life for my kitchen. Is some pink Formica. To have a amazing pink Formica kitchenette set. That is not much to ask for, is it?

I originally saw this kitchenette set for sale... a few years ago. Say 3/4 years ago? It has been awhile. 

(I even wrote about this set in 2013! Look towards the bottom of the page)

As I am stalking around eBay, looking for a particular vintage pink phone. This shows up in the search results. The amazing pink telephone table with its matching pink dinette. That I had lusted over. And would have bought immediately. Had it been anywhere near Texas. I have the cash in my purse! 

But ohhh nooooo. It resides in the state of  Massachusetts. Seriously. Massachusetts! 
image from here... and currently looking for a new home...

Are you kidding me?!?! Look at how perfect these chairs are... in all their pink glory. How can this amazing pink kitchen set,  never have sold?!?  

image from here... and currently looking for a new home... 

Look at that table top! My favorite style of table top too! Rectangular with the rounded off corners. And it has a leaf! A matching pink formica leaf! Ugh! 

Again I ask. How can this amazing set of mid century goodness. Not be living in my home!?!  Whyyyy....

All images are from here... the eBay sale page...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

~ Brookpark Confetti Mixing bowls... More melmac for the cabinets...

I finally got a moment and got the camera out. Snapped a couple quick pictures of my new addition to my kitchen. My packed kitchen cabinets. Ugh. I had shown a quick picture of them a week or so ago...

Anywho. These are just so amazing. They are both the same size. I had hope to use these sweet bowls, as serving bowls. Since I have to justify... anything I add to my already over stuffed kitchen... of vintage goodness. 

But as I was attempting to decide where to place them. What I was going to have to purge out of the cabinets... I notice a small miracle. 

They fit inside the turquoise confetti bowls! Yes, it is a happy ending for me. Nothing lost its place in my cabinets. Because I just had to have... these little amazing pink and green confetti bowls. 

It has been months since I have linked up to anyone... 

And see what kind of amaziness there is to see! 

Friday, August 28, 2015

~ Lot's of turquoise... and where is my cocktail?

"Yes, I understand that you must be very busy... but I am still waiting on your delivery, for my Friday afternoon cocktails. How will I explain to the ladies, that I have no Vermouth for the Martini's?"

Thursday, August 27, 2015

~ More amazing vintage appliances... GE Book-shelf freezer...

Yes, that is another vintage turquoise appliance. This time it is the 1957 GE Book-shelf upright freezer.  Sitting smack dab in the middle of a kitchen filled with turquoise steel cabinets.  

The fact that that gorgeous freezer has a pink interior... just adds to my pain. The pain I have because that there is only three popular options for appliances. White, black and stainless steel.  And none of those remotely interest me enough, to spend my money on them. 

(that floor is all kinds of amazing too!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

~ Let's look at some pretty vintage Bell Telephones...

Okay, that really is not a turquoise telephone. That is more of a baby blue rotary desk phone from 1959.  Yet, it still has lots of curb appeal. I prefer the turquoise color phones.

Now that is a turquoise phone! And one that I have never seen in person. The first one I encounter, will come home with me when I do! 

I saw that sweet little phone @ Pinterest. And follow the image back to its original link here...  where they had more than one of these space saver phones for sale.

Did I mention they also had one in pink

I am going to need to find one of these.  I can see this gorgeous pink phone, hanging in my kitchen! This would be the perfect phone, for the mid century kitchen. 

I am really stuck on this design of the Space Saver... with the round base. But look what I came across in eBay... 

image from here... and currently for sale

That is the space saver telephone with the square base. And in really decent condition too. 

image from here... and looking for a new home!
I suspect that this base is made of metal. This is when phones were meant to last a life time. So it is going to be a solid piece of mid century goodness! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

~ Living rooms... Kroehler Furniture...

When was the last time you saw a new couch... in amazing colors? With a wonderful texture? And quality made? Yea, its been awhile for me too. 

I love Kroehler furniture from the 1940's. I am very fond of my couch with a solid back. I am not a fan of the pillow back couches. Which always look like poo after a year of use. Because the pillows are all sad, dirty and lumpy looking. 

These older couches had such great lines. A nice solid looking piece of furniture with great arms. And sits up off the floor. 

When did it become a industry standard, to have your couch barely 6 inches off the ground, when seated on it. If my knees are higher than my butt when I am seated. I am not going to be happy. I am just not interested in sitting that low to the floor. Even the top of my bed, is a 34 inches from the floor.