Thursday, October 23, 2014

~ Vintage Halloween... Dennison's Bogie Book

Dennison's Bogie Book - 1915

The Dennison Paper Company were the producers of Halloween theme paper products. Lots of the old vintage crepe paper items were from Dennison's. So in order to really show off their inventory, they issued these Bogie Books. (they actually had party stuff for every holiday)
  Dennison's - 1923

Yet, these Dennison's Bogie books for Halloween are very collectible. And can sell for ridiculous prices. 
 Dennison's - 1923

They were filled with oodles of Halloween ideas.  Along with lots of things to purchase for your party. All from Dennison's. So they had new ideas and new inventory yearly and was ready to purchase.

Dennison's - 1923

They also would have instructions for crafty things and costumes too!

  Dennison's - 1925

So you see Halloween has always been a big holiday, for well over hundred years. 

Dennison's - 1925

Here is a 1920 Dennison Bogie Book to flip through... they really are interesting books to look through for ideas.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

~ Vintage Halloween dolls... Ideal mini monsters...

Ideal - The Mini Monster collection.... 

I just find these little dolls disturbing. Yet, oddly interesting. I have only seen the Wolfy one in person. And at the time I assumed it was a character doll from "The Munsters".

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

~ Turn of the Century... Halloween fun...

I enjoy these vintage photo's of girls dressed up for Halloween. Or I hope, that this is a Halloween theme group of girls. And I am beyond curious what is in that girls lap.

~ Mid Century Pepsi Halloween... ...

"Be Bright! Be Light! Have a Pepsi!"

"Pepsi makes the Party... Be Sociable and Have a Pepsi!"

Sunday, October 19, 2014

~ Crisco Shortening - Halloween 1936

I have always been curious why these old shortening advertisements, made the point to sell it as being "digestible". It is just not with Crisco. I have seen it used on other brands too. 

Was there an issue of shortening not being "digestible"?

I am going to add in a random newspaper clipping for making caramels. I have not had the best of luck making candy. Yet, I keep on collecting these older recipes thinking one day I will figure it out. 

I read what looks like a decent simple recipe for Caramel's... and I know I would have an epic failure if I attempt to make this in my own kitchen.

Friday, October 17, 2014

~ More Pete Halwey.... Halloween...

Pete Hawley - Frankenstein 

Pete Hawley - The Witch and her cat... 

Pete Hawley - The Ghoul and his mask... 

Pete Hawley - The Vampire...